Private Training

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Does your dog need better manners for 2021?

If your puppy or dog has behavior problems like jumping, pulling, chewing, barking, growling, stealing, or any others, then Private Training is for you! If your dog is struggling due to separation anxiety, past abuse or trauma, lack of socialization, or a new living environment, then Private Training is for you, too!

Our trainers work with you and your dog, helping you create a working relationship together. We teach you how to get your dog to pay attention to you around distractions as well as during times of excitement, stress, or fear. We use science-based methods of training to teach you how to train your dog to do the behaviors you want him or her to do, not just punish behaviors you do not like. Your dog is just reacting to a stimulus without knowing if we like it or not. We have to take the time to teach our dogs how to look to us for information and feedback. Then you can teach your dog to respond to things differently. Using positive reinforcement, you and your dog will enjoy the learning process and see progress every step of the way! All family members are encouraged to participate. 

Due to Covid-19, we are offering a combination of private lessons on Zoom as well as in-person lessons. In-person lessons take place outdoors or in the community with all human participants wearing masks. 

We provide Private Training to the Roanoke Valley in Southwest Virginia including Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, and parts of Botetourt, Bedford, and Franklin counties.   

We offer different packages for Private Training. Contact us for more information about fees and scheduling.