Virtual Training

Due to Covid-19, we have cancelled our in person trainings and are now offering small group and private trainings via Zoom. We have found these trainings to be just as successful as our in person classes, and sometimes even more so since your dog feels safe and secure in their home and isn’t distracted by other the dogs.

Choose a class that fits your pup’s needs and send us a message on Facebook to get enrolled in the next series.

Example of a small group Zoom Virtual Training for Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

The single most important (and fun) thing you can do for your puppy? Puppy Kindergarten!!  For puppies between 10-24 weeks old, socialization with other puppies and people is crucial in order to help them become social, well-balanced dogs.  While making lots of friends during off-leash playtime, your puppy will gain confidence by participating in activities and learning basic commands.  Discussions for puppy parents include puppy development, house-training, destructive chewing, and play-biting.

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Beginner Obedience

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Intermediate Obedience & Problem-Solving

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