What does FETCH stand for? 

Fun, Effective Training in the Community and at Home

What is the FETCH program? 

We train your dog for you!  The FETCH day training program is an individualized training program that is tailored for you and your dog.  One of our trainers will work with your dog twice a week.  Every couple of weeks, you will attend an instructional session during which our trainer will show you what your dog is learning and teach you how to implement those new behaviors into your dog’s daily routine.  As a result, you will be able to reinforce all of your dog’s behaviors in between training sessions.

What should you expect from your first FETCH session?

During your first session, a trainer will speak with you about issues you may be having with your dog.  Or perhaps you would like our trainers to get your dog started towards becoming a certified Therapy Dog.  Together, we will set training goals and develop a personalized training program.  Topics covered include manners and obedience, socialization, brain games, grooming and handling, and working around distractions.  We are also able to assist with proper nutrition, exercise, and appropriate chew toys and interactive toys for your dog.

 What training methods will be used?  Will an electronic collar be used on my dog?

At High Hopes Dog Training, we use positive reinforcement training methods in order to motivate your dog to want to learn and enjoy working with us.  Our focus is on teaching your dog what we want him or her to do and rewarding that behavior…not to simply correct behaviors we do not like.  In reward-based training, we can use many different rewards including praise, food, attention, play time, a walk, or greeting a guest.  Your dog will be more likely to repeat the behavior in order to experience the pleasant outcome.  Discipline-based training programs use punishment as the motivator which can include taking away privileges, inflicting pain, or some other negative outcome, if your dog fails to behave in the desired manner.  In this style of training, your dog performs in order to avoid a negative consequence.  Positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior.  Plus, who wants to inflict pain on a beloved family member?  We sure don’t!

Where do the FETCH sessions take place?

It is our belief that keeping your dog at home during this program allows your dog to be more relaxed and focused since the environment is familiar.  This helps your dog absorb new information without the stress of separation.  Our trainers will conduct sessions at your home as well as out in the community.

How much does the FETCH program cost?

We offer three levels depending on your dog’s needs and training goals.  Since working with two or more dogs usually requires an additional trainer at each session, there is an added $50 fee per session for multiple dogs.


• 12 lessons over 6 weeks
• 1 bag of treats

• 16 lessons over 8 weeks
• 1 bag of treats
• 1 treat pouch
• 1 GObedience class
• 20 lessons over 10 weeks
• 1 bag of treats
• 1 treat pouch
• 1 GObedience class
• 1 six-week group class