Best Dog Ever Boot Camp

title "best dog ever bootcamp"

In this intensive training program, we have our trainers come to your home 5 days a week and train your dog for you.

We train your dog for you while your dog stays at home!

 Here’s how it works:

1. We start with a one-hour Zoom lesson to discuss problems you are having with your dog, along with your specific training goals.

2. Our professional trainers create a training program tailored just for your dog. We train your cherished pet using positive reinforcement, a science-based method of teaching. No shock or electric collars are used.

3. Training happens Monday-Friday for 45 minutes each day in your home, neighborhood, and in the community. (You do not need to be home during the training sessions.) Training continues for four weeks.

4. We schedule three follow-up lessons with you and your family to teach you how to reinforce all of your dog’s wonderful new manners! 

Fee: $2495.00 for one dog. Additional dog in family is $1500.00.