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After only three lessons with Hope, Amber was a joy instead of a nightmare. She has learned many things I didn't think possible for such a strong-minded animal as this breed is. Hope has been a tremendous asset in teaching us how to control Amber.

Judith Hierholzer
Owner of Amber, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Peter was having a problem with men in authority positions. Since you worked with him, he is friendly with everyone, including the UPS guy! Our walks are no longer competitions between us. We even visit my friend in the nursing home together and Peter just settles down by her feet until we leave. Always count Peter and me in your loyal following.

Linda Bregartner
Owner of Peter, Springer Spaniel

You truly helped us to make Sandy a well-behaved member of our family. I appreciate your patience with Sandy but even more so with us. You trained us as much as or more than Sandy. People tell me all the time what a great dog Sandy is and a big part of that due to her training. The credit for that training goes to you, as we could not have done it on our own.

Valerie Fulton
Owner of Sandy, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Hope's teaching methods were gentle and positive yet very effective. When each of our sessions was over, Dixie would run outside and jump in Hope's car. That speaks volumes about how my pet felt about her—and she is a very opinionated, headstrong dog!

Cherie and Bob Dees
Owners of Dixie, Black Labrador Retriever

Hope has made such a difference in my life with her fantastic ability to train dogs. I had two dogs that were running the show. I had very little control and was at my wit's end. Right after the first lesson, I felt so much happier. Hope had so many excellent suggestions to solve the problems I was having with my older dog. He was a rescue and had been badly abused. He is very stubborn and untrusting. Within a short time with Hope he responded, and before I know it, he was following her lead and learning new tricks. We have all learned so much and are so much happier. Hope really changed our lives and I can't thank her enough.

Dolores Macia
Owner of Val, Maltese/Terrrier mix, and Rudy, Corgi/Cocker Spaniel mix

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I would recommend High Hopes Dog Training to anyone looking for help with their dog's behavior. I participated in one of her group obedience courses. My dog, Isabella, was very shy and fearful of new situations and people. I say "was" because after working with Hope, she's like a completely different dog. Not only is she more comfortable in her environment, but working with Hope helped strengthen the bond we have. Hope is always very patient, has a wealth of information, and always available (both during class and outside of it) to answer questions and address issues. She is absolutely wonderful to work with.

James Lovecraft
Owner of Isabella, Pit Bull mix

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